Ali Baba Restaurant

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Style de vie Divertissement
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Ali Baba Family Restaurant specializes in Mediterranean Halal food. Come in and enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient Kings of Arabia in the tent of Shahriar and Shahrazad. Before you come in you can download Ali Baba’s Mobile App for up to date menu items, current specials, generous coupons and more! With Ali Baba’s Mobile App you can call in your order and get directions with the push of a button. Stay connected socially with easy links to all of Ali Baba’s social networks. They even have a fun invitation feature to send and invitation for your friends or family to join you for a nice meal. Enjoy!

App Features:
- Menu
- Changable Coupons
- Daily Changing Specials
- Interactive Invitations
- Fortune Cookie
- One Touch Calling
- One Touch Directions
- Links To All Of Their Social Networks